{Baby Bundts in Your Wedding}


bundt cake 8

If you have ever been to a Corner Bakery Cafe, then you are well aware of the oh-so-tempting display of sweets that they have at the counter.  Some days I’m able to ignore it, but many times I have succumbed.  And one of the things I love the most are the baby bundt cakes. I am just a sucker for the cutely displayed dessert.  Ask the Starbucks birthday cake pop or the Potbelly sugar cookie displayed in the precious shabby chic lunchbox.  Mmmm mmmm….

Anyways…back to the baby bundts… I ordered a tray for a birthday party once, put them on a cake stand, and I was an immediate super star.  So this leads me to today’s post.

Baby bundt cakes are flat out adorable.  But more than that, they are delicious.  They are an easy addition to any DIY bride’s sweets table or a great idea for wedding favors.  They could also be used as an alternative to a traditional wedding cake or in a welcome bag for your out-of-town guests.  Take a peek at how they were used in these weddings.





bundt cake 6

bundt cake 7

So now that you agree with me, and find bundt cakes adorable, let’s talk about next steps.

Silicone Mini bundt cake pans like the one pictured below are available everywhere from Target to Kmart to Amazon for about $10. You may want to buy a few…baking six cakes at a time could make for a REALLY long night.


If you’re a non-baker, keep it simple and buy a box cake mix.  If baking is your thing…pull out your favorite cake recipe.  If you can, try different flavors…red velvet, chocolate, yellow, etc.  Top them with powdered sugar or a simple sugar glaze.

For the wedding, you can put the baby bundts on display at the reception, add them to your sweets table, have someone from your bridal party walk them around on a tray for guests as they mingle, or wrap them up with a cute thank you note from the bride and groom as a wedding favor.  People will love them.  Remember, adorable and delicious is an absolute no-fail recipe.


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