{What to Put on Your Sweets Table}


Sweets tables have become all the rage at weddings these days.  The table is the perfect end cap to a day of love, celebration, food, and cake.  Some couples offer a goodie bag for you to fill up with the different sugar treats.  Some couples serve a multitude of sweets along with their cake.  The sweets table has become a cute, sweet (yes I used that word) addition to the reception that ties in the theme, color scheme, and personality of the couple.

The sweets table can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.  But for a bride that may not have a patisserie in her immediate friend-circle that owes her a favor, or that maybe doesn’t have a lot of time or money to devote to the effort, I’m here to help provide some simple options that give you a table that still makes an impact.

First things first…let’s put the sweets table into context.  People are looking forward to the cake.  The sweets table is somewhat an extension of the decor while also providing your guests with something to nibble on.  A lot of people are watching their sugar intake, calories, fat, or what have you.  They’ve already indulged in a meal, and made room for cake.  The sweets table does not need to fill their bellies.  Many will pass on the sweets table all together.  Others will have one or two things.  But most will not fill up on the sweets at your dessert table.  That means…you don’t need to purchase enough of each item for the 150 people at your reception.  You also don’t need to break the bank putting together a nice display.  The things that makes the sweets table so adorable are typically the cake stands, platters, and apothecary jars that hold your sweets, and the way that they are arranged.  Signage helps to tie in your wedding theme and add a decorative element.  Sweets tables are a great example of the saying that “presentation is everything”.

After you have the cake stands, jars, doilies and signs…now it’s time to figure out the sweets.  Here are a few no-fuss options.  Some can be found in most grocery stores for a reasonable price and placed right out for display.  Others on the list below may take a little preparation time.  Here goes…

{powdered donuts}



dip them in melted chocolate, white or colored to suit your theme, add some sprinkles and voila!


{nilla wafers}

dip them and sprinkle them and make them adorable



{powdered lemon or keylime cookies}

found in the cookie aisle of your local grocery store

Image Image

{various store bought cookies}

most bakery sections have fresh cookies that you can buy by the dozen…or by the bag or platter


{iced oatmeal cookies}

i’ve fallen in love with ones sold in Giant that are 8 for $1.  LOVE!


{sugar wafers}

they come in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

if none of those match your theme, dip them in white chocolate and/or sprinkles


{rice krisy treats}

dip them to match your theme or put them on a platter, doily, or small cupcake wrapper



hey, everybody’s not into sweets.  try popcorn…buttered, colored, or covered in white chocolate.

here’s a recipe to try: She Wears Many Hats



both salty and sweet, when covered in white chocolate or white yogurt, dipped and sprinkled (optional)





available in stores…I saw them in Trader Joe’s last night…$3.29 for about 30


merengues 2



And now I have a hankering for a sweet treat…