{Cute Find – Stop By and Say Hi}



I was just perusing Pinterest…which I do faithfully, almost as if it’s a job that I get paid to do…and I stumbled across this idea.  What a great way to encourage guests to come by while also keeping it to a minimum.  At this point in the day, you will be (a) exhausted (b) relieved (c) starving and (d) excited to be sitting next to your new bride or groom.  You’ll want to share smiles and laughs…but also want to eat…and you’ll want to just savor and enjoy the moment with your new life partner.  By placing a chair or two on the other side of your table, you are saying “hey, come say hello…but I’m also going to keep eating while we chat because it’s been a long day, and while I want to talk to you…I also really want to eat before I faint.” lol.  Or something like that.