{Gray with a Chance of Straps}

Prediction Megan

The bridesmaids dresses are almost as important as the bride’s, as they round out the bride’s vision of her day.  The bridesmaids are her supporting cast, and how they look as a unit is a reflection of the bride’s hard work and decision-making.  This is a repost from the blog Our Detroit Wedding and the way this bride put things into the hands of her bridesmaids.  Such a great idea and a way to make sure nobody winds up with a dress they will never wear again!


Our Detroit Wedding

As I’ve written about previously (post), my bridesmaids will be wearing mismatched dresses. I’ve chosen to do mismatched dresses for a number of reasons…

– One, with a wide variety of body-types across my eight girls, mismatched dresses allow each to find a dress that makes them look and feel amazing.

– Two, for my friends still in school and in need of saving money, mismatched dresses let them decide their own budget.

– Three, all of my girls are absolutely full of personality and they definitely have their own styles. Mismatched dresses help emphasize this while still having them pull together as one cohesive image of “bridesmaid.”

– Finally, this way they can pick a dress they’d actually like to wear again. I’ve been trying to find a clip from the movie 27 Dresses about shortening it and wearing it again but alas, no luck.

With mismatched…

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