{Bringing Back Baby’s Breath}

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When I think of baby’s breath, my mind reminisces back to a bad 80s prom movie or a tacky old school boutonniere.  But I am finding more and more instances of baby’s breath being used in chic table settings and amazingly perfect bridal bouquets.

Hear me out.  Or rather…see me out.  Look at the adorable way baby’s breath was used in these weddings and judge for yourself.

Baby’s breath screams whimsy, angelic, innocence, and fantasy.  When you see it in bunches, it looks like beautiful floral clouds.  On your flower girl, it makes her look like the most precious girl on the planet.  On your tables, it makes guests smile.   It is an adorable accent to your gift table or in your aisles.  In your hair it looks playful and sweet.  On your groom, it brings out the glimmer in his eye that he has when he smiles. The possibilities are endless but the feelings are all good.

Baby’s breath is one of the most cost-effective floral items on the market.  No, I am not suggesting your entire wedding be decorated in baby’s breath from top to bottom…though it certainly could be.  But baby’s breath is a great way to fill in and supplement the more costly flowers in your event.  For every rose, you can add two sprigs of baby’s breath.  Or you can place a bunch of baby’s breath in a vase, and accent it with a sunflower.

Baby’s breath offers a great way for brides to keep costs down while still keeping the presentation and décor looking amazing.  Give it some thought.

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4 thoughts on “{Bringing Back Baby’s Breath}

  1. Thank you for the fantastic ideas. Baby’s breath is so simple and pretty. Nice to see it used is so many different and chic ways.

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